Why You Need an Electrician for Your Swimming Pool Project

A pool is one of the most fun investments you can make for your outdoor living space during the summertime. Whether your new pool is above ground or inground, there are likely parts of it that need to be wired correctly to deliver safe and reliable power. Here are three reasons why you should leave your swimming pool project to the pros!


Water and electricity aren’t a safe mixture, so there is an obvious risk to wiring a new pool. That risk magnifies once pumps, lights and metal parts of the pool get involved. If any improper wiring or grounding is done, you could risk damaging your equipment upon turning it on, or even injuring yourself. Professional electricians can help you avoid these risks with their experience from previous pool projects and a firm understanding of safety protocols. 

Long Term Reliability

Your pool may work great right after a DIY wiring, but that reliability may not last throughout the entire summer. One of the benefits of hiring a pro for your swimming pool wiring project is that our solutions tend to offer a lot more mileage for your equipment. Our extensive knowledge and understanding of wiring help us avoid mistakes like loose connections and improper wire sizing, which will keep you from having to make costly replacements when you should be enjoying your new pool. 

Help with Permits

If you are installing a pool anywhere in the state of Maryland, a construction permit and inspection will be necessary. Rather than trying to navigate through the permit process yourself or skipping the permit process altogether, we can help! Licensed electricians can ensure your project is compliant with all local rules and regulations to avoid any delays to your pool installation. With a licensed electrician, your pool installation is sure to be safe, seamless and convenient! 

Trust the Experts at CK Electric for Swimming Pool Project

CK Electric is a veteran-owned and veteran-operated local electrician dedicated to high-quality service and customer satisfaction. For your convenience, we also offer evening and weekend appointments. For a free estimate, call 443.920.3078, email info@ckelectricllc.com or visit our site. We look forward to helping make your home a safer, brighter place. 


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