Winter Electrical Safety Tips

The Holidays are a big stressor on your electrical systems on their own between lights, space heaters, and more. But winter before and after them poses its threats all on its own.  Today we will discuss some winter electrical safety tips, and problems to watch for and avoid. 

Ice and snow: a threat to your electrical system

Ice and snow can easily overwhelm an electrical system the same way it damages home exteriors, cars, etc. As it continues to fall, it will build up and weigh down powerlines and cables. Given enough weight, this will collapse them and lead to outages. Additionally, outdoor electrical devices such as generators or snowblowers should be given shelter from the elements to prevent damage or failure. Ice and snow build-up creates freezing temperatures and when melted, can fry an electrical device.

Space Heaters

Whether you utilize central air, space heaters or a fireplace, one of the chief concerns in winter is keeping warm. Space heaters are a great way to heat small areas but pull a lot of electrical power. Too much pull on a circuit will throw a breaker and too much usage put on a space heater can lead to failure. A space heater should not be used to replace all other sources of heat in an area at a constant rate. Additionally, Heat sources such as space heaters should be placed away from flammable substances and vice versa to prevent starting fires. 

Basement Safety

If your electrical box or breakers are positioned in your basement, keeping your basement warm and dry as much as possible is a necessity. Basements are prone to collect more moisture due to their positioning and nature. So, when the ice and snow gathering melts, it may seep into your basement creating serious safety hazards. Standing water should not be allowed to gather and should be taken care of as soon as possible when it becomes an issue.

Winter is a challenging time in many ways and can be especially tough on electrical systems. We hope that these winter electrical safety tips have been helpful to you. As you stay warm and celebrate the holidays, always remember to stay safe!


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