Electricity in the Human Body

We’re experts on electricity in homes and businesses, but it also plays a significant role in how humans function. Here’s a look at another way we use electricity in our everyday lives without even realizing it and that is electricity in the human body.

The Nervous System

The main components of the nervous system are the brain, spinal cord, and nerves. These all work together in order to take in sensory details, send the input to the brain, and transfer the resulting decision to the muscles to cause movement. In short, the nervous system functions as a communication network with the brain as the administrator. It allows us to process sensory stimuli– everything from temperature to texture– and act based on our environment.

Message Received

Here’s where electricity comes in. The human body contains trillions of neurons– nerves– that act as a lightning-quick transportation system between the brain, spinal cord, muscles, etc. Even within the body, communication is key! 

Sensory input and directions from the brain are encoded into electrical signals, also known as nerve impulses, that travel from neuron to neuron. The message reaches a neuron’s dendrites, branch-like structures surrounding the nucleus, and travels the axon, the main body of the neuron, to the axon terminal. The terminal transmits the electrical signal to the connecting neuron’s dendrites and the cycle continues. This process occurs every time we so much as take a step or raise an eyebrow!


Just like the environmental electrical systems we’re used to, the nervous system’s functioning can experience disruptions. Injuries, illnesses, and other toxins affect nerve impulses and can dampen or overstimulate their functioning. Now you can say you know a lot more about electricity in the human body!

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