Why Smart Houses Are Becoming the New Normal

Modern technological innovations, at least when it comes to our personal lives, are largely based on two things: efficiency and convenience. With this thought in mind, it’s no surprise that smart homes, or households incorporating advanced “smart” features similar to those found on your cell phone, are becoming less of a futuristic dream and more a part of the new normal. Here are some of the most common ways we rely on these features now more than ever– and why we’ve become so attached.

Virtual Assistants

The onslaught of Artificial Intelligence tech in the form of virtual assistants has brought on a lot of conversations, from jokes about an apocalyptic robot uprising to concerns over a loss of privacy and personal information. Ever since the inception of Apple’s Siri, it seems every major tech company has entered a race to distribute the most advanced AI, from Google Assistant to Amazon’s Alexa products. AIs aren’t confined to labs or our phones anymore; it’s not uncommon for families to have multiple virtual assistants scattered throughout their homes. Six years ago, toddlers were receiving iPads for their birthdays; now infants are lulled to sleep by Echo Dots.

But why are AIs so popular? The answer is both simple and complex; some people suggest we are obsessed with recreating human features in machines, while most of us just find it funny that robots can now provide life advice or crack jokes. In reality, AIs/virtual home assistants mainly pull together the different technological aspects of our lives. Everyone’s seen the commercials where a homeowner uses their AI to lock the back door from miles away. In short, they let us complete complex tasks on the spot as the need arises, which leads us into the next section: internet access and voice-activated technology.

Internet Access and Voice-Activated Technology

Now more than ever, we live in a world of instant gratification. When a need or want arises– whether that be a craving for microwave pizza and a movie or the burning desire to know which countries bananas are grown in– we expect to have it met almost immediately in as efficient a way as possible. We’re also a society of multitaskers, focused on super-productivity and constant stimulation. It’s no surprise we invented a way to have our questions answered and reminders set while our hands are still full with another task. Voice-activated technology takes the phrase “at the click of a button” to another level, eliminating the need for buttons or icons altogether. It also allows us to access the internet at a moment’s notice without going through the trouble of opening a browser and typing our request in the search bar. Almost everything we do is internet-based, so instant access to the most significant resource humanity possesses is at the forefront of modern household tech. Of course, this brings up a plethora of problems with AIs’ remarkable ability to “mishear” their owners, but if you’ve ever wanted to order a pizza without moving from the couch to grab your phone, AIs (eventually) have your back.

Long story short, the answer to why smart homes are becoming the new normal is no mystery– humanity is more focused on efficiency, convenience, and the internet than ever. But when daily life begins to resemble your favorite futuristic sci-fi novel, who can complain?

We hope you found this post about smart homes interesting and engaging!

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