Electrical Repairs

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Are your lights flickering? Do you find yourself tripping breakers in your home when you’re just trying to vacuum or plug in a television? Are there loose outlets at your business? CK Electric provides home electrical repair in Frederick, MD and can visit your property to troubleshoot any electrical issues you are experiencing and complete the necessary repairs to make your system safe. We keep the electrical systems in the properties of our commercial and residential customers secure and capable of meeting their electrical demands.

CK Electric offers a comprehensive range of electrical repair services to business owners and homeowners throughout the state of Maryland. Our experienced master electrician is dedicated to providing every customer with trustworthy electrical repairs at competitive rates.

Electrical Repairs

Did you know that faulty electrical systems and wiring are the third leading cause of structural fires nationally? Good electrical repair makes your home safer and more convenient to live in. We can help to quickly and safely complete repairs in your home. Our electrical repair services include:

What Are the Signs You Could Have an Electrical Problem?

Many homeowners wait too long to have electrical repairs completed and put their safety and home at risk. Some of the signs that you could be experiencing electrical issues include:

  • Your lights are regularly flickering or dimming when different appliances kick on and off
  • Circuit breakers trip when you run certain appliances or try to plug in different lamps or electronics
  • There is a buzzing sound coming from within an electrical outlet or light switch
  • You notice a strange smell or burning smell
  • You get small shocks from outlets or switches when you plug things into them
  • Wires that are frayed
  • Visible smoke coming from an outlet or wire

We can assess your current electrical situation and determine the best way to make your home’s electrical output and wiring meet your needs, not the other way around.


Our Service Area

We have an expansive service area to help as many Maryland business owners and homeowners as possible. Our service area includes:

  • Anne Arundel County
  • Baltimore County
  • Carroll County
  • Frederick County
  • Harford County
  • Howard County
  • Montgomery County
  • Prince George’s County
  • Washington County
  • Frederick, MD
  • Hagerstown
  • Cecil County

Your Preferred Affordable, Reliable and Local Electrician

CK Electric is a veteran-owned and veteran-operated local electrician dedicated to high-quality service and customer satisfaction. For a free estimate call (252) 665-0418 or email info@ckelectricllc.com. We look forward to helping make your home a safer, brighter place.

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