Summer Electrical Safety

The summer months are a great time to be outdoors. There are important summer electrical safety considerations whether you are indoors or outdoors and whether you’re in the comfort of your own home or visiting friends and family. Be sure to identify where telephone poles and electrical lines are located and educate everyone on the following dangers of these structures.


  • For your safety, it is best to assume that all power lines are live and could harm you. If you see a line that is down, contact your area’s utility provider.
  • Stay away from electrical substations If you see a person or animal has entered said area, do not try to help them but instead call 911 for emergency assistance.
  • Don’t touch or climb on a utility pole. It is advisable to not post yard sale signs or lost pet flyers on these posts either as they can injure you or electrical workers. 
  • Never toss items of clothing or shoes onto power lines. If an item such as a drone is stuck on a power line, do not try to get it down by yourself, but instead call the professionals.
  • Keep kites and other toys away from powerlines. Play with these items in fields like one you would find at a park.
  • As tempting as it is, children should never climb a tree that is near or touching a utility pole. Additionally, if you or your neighbor has a tree growing into a power line, call the utility company to have it maintained or cut down. 
  • Take lightning and thunder seriously. When a storm is approaching, go indoors and remain there until it is safe to go back outside. 

At Home

Water and electricity are a dangerous combination. This summer consider the following tips to keep you and your loved ones safe:

  • Remove all electrical items from areas of your home containing water. Think about places such as your pool in the backyard, your bathtub, and your kitchen sink.
  • If you are wet or in water, never touch something that uses electricity. An electric shock can travel through the water.
  • Be sure that the electrical components of your outdoor swimming pools and hottubs are grounded. CK Electric can assist you with all your appliance connections.
  • All your major appliances should also be plugged into grounded outlets. Never use extension cords for these items. 
  • Check to see that you have GFCI outlets in all of the areas of your home that use water, including your bathroom, kitchen, and laundry rooms. 
  • Know where your circuit breakers are located in your home so you can safely turn them off in the event of an emergency.
  • When an electrical cord is damaged, be sure to properly dispose of it and never use it (Source: Root Electric). 

The summer is a great time to tackle projects at home. But remember, electricity is dangerous and not meant for do-it-yourselfers. Hopefully these summer electrical safety tips helped you. For all your house projects involving electrical work, call the experts at CK Electric. 


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