Winter Power Outage Survival Guide

Winter is coming, and freezing temperatures are approaching.  Know these tips in case there is a winter power outage.  Prepare for anything. Below are some survival tips in case of a power outage in Winter.

Always Keep Warm

If your power goes out during the Winter, your top priority is keeping yourself warm.  Wear multiple of layers. Earmuffs or a hat are great items for your body to retain heat. Your head and neck is where you lose the most body heat.  To keep the house warmer, you should try to cover any cracks. Cover cracks in windows or doors with duct tape or towels.  It’s best to let the sun in during the day. Allow your house to absorb as much heat as possible from the sun.  Also, it is advised for everyone in the house to move to one room. Shut the doors to any other rooms so the heat may stay in one place.  

Need of Electricity in a Winter Power Outage

Electricity has become an essential part of everyone’s live. It’s important to know a few tips on what to do with all of your electronics during a power outage.  To avoid power surges, unplug any of your electrical devices.  It is smart to keep multiple power packs so you can charge any necessary electronics such as your phone or laptop to communicate with others in case of any emergencies.  If you need lights, it’s probably best to keep candles in the house as well as multiple flashlights with many packs of batteries.  

Stay Healthy

Food and water are definitely two of the most important necessities when you’re trying to stay alive during a stressful time.  Start by eating all of your perishable foods first and keep a supply of non-perishables as little snacks.  Try your best to portion your food just in case you do not know when your power will come back on.  If your power is expected to be shut down for a long period of time, try to put as much of your food that is in the fridge and freezer in a secured container that you can safely put outside to store without any animals getting into it.  Make sure you are staying hydrated and try to drink warm water every hour to keep your body temperature from fluctuating.


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