Introducing Wisetack

CK Electric is proud to work with Wisetack, a program that allows you to pay for your purchases in smaller installments rather than all at once. Their triad of goals aims to give every customer transparency, quality technology, and simplicity so you don’t have to worry about hidden fees or frustrating customer service issues. They focus on providing you with clear and efficient solutions, just like we do.

For You

Wisetack is a program created to help you pay for the things you need. Their products aren’t just for our benefit as a business– they’re here to serve you, too. It’s a great deal for all parties involved, saving time, money, and stress. On their website, Wisetack lists their core values as follows: 

  1. Customers first
  2. ‍Act. Fast.‍
  3. Ownership and accountability‍
  4. Pursue excellence‍
  5. Deliberate and open communication‍
  6. Operate with conviction‍
  7. Act with respect and humility
  8. Push hard and have fun

Wisetack is a company committed to taking problems with financing and creating simple solutions to make life better for all users, merchants and consumers alike. They started out on a solid basis and strive to keep improving as they move forward.

What Do They Do?

After you send in your application and get approved, Wisetack will provide you with up to six approved loan options. From there, you can choose the monthly payment amount that’s the best fit for your personal budget. Wisetack makes sure to outline each payment plan’s interest rate, time span, and terms in a clear and succinct way so there are no nasty surprises down the line. Better yet, there are no penalties, fees, or compounding interest. All the information you need is right there at your fingertips– view your options within seconds! To learn more, visit Wisetack’s website here.

Just as an FYI, checking your eligibility for a Wisetack loan and payment plan does NOT impact your credit score, so there’s no pressure!

Need Electrical Work Done?

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