Baby-Proofing Your Home: Electrical Edition

Congratulations on your new arrival! When it comes to baby-proofing your home, you’ve got a lot to think about, but we’re here to make sure the electrical side of things is one less worry on your mind. Here’s how to baby-proof your home in terms of your electrical edition.

Child-Proof Outlet Covers

Kids love to explore and get their hands on everything they see – including electrical outlets. Know the location of every outlet in your home and buy some plastic child-proof covers or plugs to keep little fingers away from each outlet. They can crawl a lot faster than you’d expect!

Keep Your Circuit Board Locked Up

Wherever your home’s circuit board is located, keep it locked up tight and well away from their reach. If the closest door doesn’t have a lock or keeping it locked is unfeasible, you can buy child-proof door knob covers (or plastic door lever locks, depending on what your door handles look like) online. You might want to use these, or baby gates, on your kitchen as well– ovens are a worry best avoided for a couple years!

Keep Plugs Where They Should Be

Not every outlet can be covered! For outlets that serve as the permanent home for plugs– such as those belonging to your TV, large appliances, or lamps– try to block off the wall space with furniture. This keeps your baby from reaching the plug (and hopefully the cord) and tugging it out, and as a bonus, obscures the cords from sight. If you can’t block the outlet with furniture, you can buy plug covers with cord shorteners specifically for this purpose. You can also find similar covers for power strips.

Too Many Cords

Avoid extension cords as much as possible, as they pose a significant tripping and entanglement hazard for little ones. Never allow an unplugged cord to dangle over the edge of a table or counter for a kid to pull on, and decrease the length of overly long cords by coiling the extra length and securing it with a twist tie. Cord shorteners are the higher-tech but more costly option for these situations. 

Use Preventative Maintenance

Check your electrical system regularly for any signs of damage and schedule a safety inspection before it’s time to bring your little one home. It’s especially important to check for loose or exposed wiring when there’s a baby toddling around! Test your outlets to ensure no shocks result from plugging in chargers or appliances and make sure the covers are screwed on tight to every light switch panel. You can never be too careful when it comes to home safety!

Need Some Electrical Work? Want to Schedule an Inspection?

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