5 Signs a Rewiring Might Be Necessary

When issues start arising in your house, it starts to feel less like a home. This applies to HVAC systems, plumbing, and of course: electricity! While electrical malfunctions make daily life more inconvenient, they also pose some serious safety risks. Here are a few of the signs that your home could benefit from an electrical rewiring.

Flickering Lights

If your lights start flickering and continue flickering even after bulb replacements, something is probably off with your home’s wiring. If your lights flicker to a brighter intensity, they are receiving too much voltage, and they are receiving too little voltage when they dim to a lower intensity. Both of these issues can usually be linked to loose wiring or faulty circuits, and they can both be repaired during a rewiring. 

Lightbulb Burnout

Perhaps your lights are skipping the flickering and jumping right to burning out? If that’s the case, the burnouts are likely being caused by unstable voltage delivery. Again, this is an issue that a rewiring will take care of right away!

Pesky Dependence on Extension Cords

We all have many devices to power in our homes, and older homes don’t always have the number of outlets we need without resorting to extension cords and power strips more than we’d prefer. If you’re dealing with this issue, a rewiring will allow you to add more outlets in all the places you wish they already existed. 

Discolored Outlets

Do your outlets appear to be charred? If so, there is likely faulty wiring or a loose connection nearby. This is often accompanied by a burning smell as well. If you notice these issues, you should have an expert observe this situation as soon as possible. All it takes is one tiny spark to cause an electrical fire!

Older Home

FEMA reports that roughly 7.5% of all fatal house fires start because of electrical malfunctions. If your home is 30-40 years old, it is at increased risk for electrical fires because of wire degradation. Fear not! A rewiring will ensure your home complies with all of the latest electrical safety standards. 

Trust the Experts at CK Electric for Your Home Rewiring

CK Electric is a veteran-owned and veteran-operated local electrician dedicated to high-quality service and customer satisfaction. For your convenience, we also offer evening and weekend appointments. For a free estimate call 443.920.3078, email info@ckelectricllc.com or visit our site. We look forward to helping make your home a safer, brighter place. 


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