6 holiday decorating trends for 2021: Part 2

We’re back again to continue our list of holiday decorating trends to light up your festivities! Christmas follows thanksgiving (or perhaps overtakes it, depending on who you ask. It follows very closely at least) with a flash of colors and cheer. But for 2021, what’s new to the trends? Read on for our picks of the latest and greatest trends to decorate with this year. 

Colored Lights of Many Shades

If you check around sights like Etsy or purewow, you’re sure to see that colored lights are as popular as ever. But they may be heading in a new direction! A trend that has seen a major growth in popularity this year and those in recent days is to pick colored lights of any shade! Red and green are the staple along with white, but have you considered choosing something a little different for your home? Orange and teal? Purple, yellow and green? Well, many are choosing to forego the classic red, white and green for something more personal or expressive. Give it a try! You just might like the results even more. 

Neon Nights

That’s right! Neon lighting and signage has seen a surge in popularity again among many. Whether it’s for its retro nature or simply an appreciation for the look, neon has come back in a major way. And the holidays are seeing it put to good use! Neon signs with messages of holiday cheer are starting to make waves among the Christmas and holiday season enthusiast crowds. A red and green holly sign wishing everyone a Happy Holidays and a Merry Christmas are sure to brighten up your home’s walls. Literally!

Can’t Beat a Classic

In the yesteryear around the time of the “greatest generation” as it’s called, is where much of Christmas and Holiday decorating can find its origin. The “Atomic Age” of the 40s, 50s and 60s trends have come around in many ways, from Mid Century Modern to ornate brightly colored glass ornaments. And this year these classic holiday staples have been shown to be quite popular! The old glass ornaments that either tended to aim abstract and vibrant or delicate and classy with minimal color have made their way back to the average Holiday celebrator’s collection.

So, dust off your family’s old ornaments and get ready to let them shine again (though be gentle with them! They’re heirlooms, you know). Find yourself yearning for yesteryear or to mix it up with some modern takes on the usual festivities? We hope these holiday decorating trends have ignited some inspiration in you to take either path or both if you’re especially adventurous. And if you overload your power grid (we hope that you won’t) we’re always a quick phone call away for some maintenance work. Happy Holidays and enjoy your family festivities! 


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