6 trends of holiday decorating for 2021: Part 1 Thanksgiving

The holiday decorating season is nearly upon us with Thanksgiving kicking it off in a couple of weeks. With that comes the festivities and decorating we all love so much! Each year the decorations we see seem to grow more and more beautiful. Do you have a favorite Christmas style? Is it a modern twist on an old favorite like red and green LED lights? or are you traditional sticking with the classic traditional white lights and red ribbons? What about thanksgiving? Do you decorate with old world pilgrim imagery or focus on a general warm autumn feel (we know many like to skip thanksgiving and head right for Christmas, but it deserves its own celebration too! After all, it is the perfect bridge between fall and winter holiday celebration)? Well before you decide on what look your home will take on this Holiday season, consider these trends for 2021! 

Holiday Decorating Wreaths

In a time of warmth inside the house and gratitude inside ourselves, what is a trend for this year but also a timeless tradition is simplicity. Rather than the beautiful but flashy tendencies of Christmas, Thanksgiving decor is aiming for a more organic approach this year. The classic approach to building wreaths of plants of the fall season is a favorite for this year. Dried seasonal flowers, maize and indian corn, mini pumpkins and gourds, and dry corn husks are all great ingredients to a simple and attractive wreath to greet your guests as they approach your front door. And if you have your orange lights from Halloween or your white lights from Christmas handy, they can highlight an already beautiful piece!

Bottles, jars, and buttons

As popular as they have been the past 5 years, a jar or bottle with seasonal fillings or décor within is showing its usual high-spirited enthusiasm as a fall decorating trend. A good way to increase the visual appeal of your simple jar/bottle décor is to add, you guessed it, lights! Much like the wreaths you make can utilize your orange or white festive lights, these bottles will sparkle and shine with those same sets of lights within them.  Just be sure not to use too many, or you may have to give us a call about a blown fuse or two! 

Economic and Easy to Find

As simple as the last two trends were, how about what might be the simplest yet: natural wood accents. Dried out wooden branches, leaves, acorns etc. are all good table setting pieces to utilize. And they’re free and easy to find! Have a beach themed room in your home? A piece of driftwood doubles well as a natural accent piece that you can wrap in seasonal lights.

With all of these decorating trends, you should be on your way to a very warm and inviting home for the Thanksgiving holiday. Sit back and have a hot cider and share in the family memories! But what about Christmas? As though we could forget (especially when folks get a little too festive with their lighting. Then we’ll have to see to some electrical problems)! Join us in our next article for the top Christmas decorating trends of 2021! We hope you found this article helpful and enjoyable! For more ideas, check out sites like Etsy for more! Have a safe and relaxing thanksgiving!


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