Electrical Safety During the Holiday Season

Electrical safety has come a long way since it’s implementation into the consumer marketplace. As safety features have evolved, so has the capacity for the Holiday Season to be a spectacular light show! Don’t be fooled! Show caution when dealing with large amounts of electricity. And some of it isn’t the electricity itself!

Holiday Ladder Safety

During any Holiday season that involves lights, you will need to get up high to mount the decorations. Much like the world of electrical safety, the world of ladder safety has evolved greatly too! During previous eras, portable ladders were often made of wood and relied on metal catches to hold the steps in place. Aluminum ladders are lightweight but strong. While these are certainly much lighter and easier to transport, most do conduct some amount of electricity. Keeping it dry while working with electricity or using an insulated ladder is very important in some cases.

While you are working up high on a ladder, be sure to have a partner or friend there to help keep the ladder steady and make sure you are safe. And NEVER step up onto the top step. The warnings printed on them are there for a reason, as it is very easy to lose your balance! Gutterbrush.com has great articles for further detail on Ladder Safety and beyond.

The Right Tool for Electrical Safety

When you are up on a ladder working away to make your home festive, it’s important to use the right tools for the job and to do so responsibly. Firstly, if you weren’t already, wear insulated gloves. While all commercially sold Christmas lights and decorations have gone through a rigorous testing process, it’s best to take every precaution necessary to prevent incident. Metal tools conduct electricity to varying degrees. However, most tool companies offer insulated versions of all common household tools. Especially when cutting branches, zip ties, or other items that may be in close proximity with the lights while working. A wire might get cut and it’s better to be safe than sorry!

Too Much Holiday Cheer

An easy mistake to make when getting festive or “in the spirit of the season” is to go overboard on the load you put on your circuit breakers. Ignoring this can result in power outages, damaged electrical equipment, or even electrical fires. If you plan to go all out and have a great deal of power usage on the agenda, it may become necessary to install a separate circuit breaker for the drain on power. Separate outlets installed can work well for some applications, but it may require more changes than that. If this is a route you decide to go, CK Electric is here to help you along the way and can completed these installations!

Our experienced electricians are also here for consultation and possess a wealth of knowledge on these subjects.

I hope these tips have been helpful to you! Whether you go all out or decorate conservatively, have a safe and festive holday!


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